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NEGATIVE FINDINGS However, he also noted that he didnʼt want to attend, and when the hearing was delayed to June 30th, Rodriguez cancelled again. The hearing proceeded with Jewish students from CUNY testifying they felt their well-beings were in danger – citing multiple incidences of harassment, assaults, and antisemitic slurs. The administrators who were in attendance confessed there werenʼt any programs for training staff on responding to antisemitism at CUNY, nor do they log antisemitic incidents. They also brought up that the school has not adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism – a definition thatʼs required for universities to sign onto yearly for federal government funding to acknowledge their Title VI participation. SCHOOL: University of Southern California (USC) Title VI Complaint: In July 2022, the OCR initiated an investigation into a possible Title VI violation by the University of Southern California. The complaint detailed a harassment campaign orchestrated by USC students to target university student government (USG) Vice President Rose Ritch in an effort to impeach her over her support for Israel. After failed attempts to urge the schoolʼs administration to prevent an impeachment hearing against her and to condemn the studentʼs efforts as blatant discrimination, Ritch resigned from her position. Calls for her impeachment claimed that her pro-Israel views were “racist” and therefore made her unfit to serve in a student government role. Ritch suffered significant harassment on social media, with comments targeting her and former USG president Truman Fritz – who also resigned – including, “Tell your Zionist ass VP to resign too” and “Warms my heart to see all the Zionists from USC and USG getting relentlessly cyberbullied.” SCHOOL: New York University (NYU) Title VI Complaint: In September 2020, an NYU student filed a complaint with the OCR stating that the University was discriminatory towards Jewish students for its lack of action against antisemitic incidents on campus. The complaint highlighted many instances of antisemitic activity over a two-year period, such as an injury to a Jewish student at an event hosted by the University group Realize Israel, as well as a student-generated tweet stating, “all Zionists to die.” Due to the latter incident, the universityʼs Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life ceased operations for two days out of safety concerns. Before the investigation was completed by the OCR, NYU administrators elected to settle on the matter, agreeing to the condition that the school would revise its Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy to incorporate language that the University prohibits antisemitic activity on its campus. 11

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